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If you are looking for servicing, maintenance or repairs, then Ben Marshall Classic Vehicles is the perfect place to bring your classic.

As well as a long and diverse career working on all kinds of vehicles, I also have cars and bikes of my own – and have been using them as daily transport for many years. I feel this gives a key understanding to what really matters when it comes to keeping older machinery working reliably and at its best.

Are you interested in owning a classic but unsure of what's involved in the upkeep? I'm happy to offer advice and guidance.

Just some of the services available are:

  • Servicing – from someone who understands how to service older vehicles
  • Inspection and assessment including pre MOT check and safety check ups for those vehicles that are exempt from the MOT test
  • Diagnosis and repair of mechanical and electrical faults
  • Rebuilding and repair of mechanical and electrical components


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